They’re rich at Business News

Chronicling the adventures of this country in recent years exposes us to incredible things. It goes without saying that there is a price to pay when one does not write what is necessary and when one criticizes the power in place, whoever the protagonists.

We started with the Islamists of the time of the troika who attacked our newspaper day and night, ordering them to give the Islamists a chance. Then came the obtuse and stupid sympathizers of the late Béji Caïd Essebsi and Nidaa Tounes who had the flexibility to swallow the snake of “consensus” when their boss who reminds them of Bourguiba went to Paris to agree with the evil absolute, embodied in the person of Rached Ghannouchi.

When we said in 2012 that Nidaa Tounes is a patchwork of politicians from all sides who would cease to exist once the 2014 elections are over, we were insulted. When we said that Béji Caïd Essebsi was going to make a pact with the Islamists, we were insulted.

When we started to denounce the excesses of power and the interference of Béji Caïd Essebsi’s family, we were subtly threatened. Obviously, the “bajboujettes”, for those who remember, had a field day and had vilified our newspaper lengthy Facebook posts. Moreover, it is not without a certain satisfaction that we see them return to solicit the help of newspapers “at the boot of the Islamists”.

Then, when we felt the danger that Youssef Chahed could represent, several of his relatives and friends tried to change the editorial line. A little later it was the Islamists who came back to say that the newspaper supports Nabil Karoui, the corrupt. They attacked the newspaper, as usual, but we must admit that it happened with much more subtlety than during the troika years. Needless to say that after the elections, Nabil Karoui and his party had become quite popular with the Islamists and they allied themselves with him. The opportunity, in passing, to plunge a second time the residues of Nidaa Tounes scraped by Nabil Karoui into shame and embarrassment. The last episode of this long decade is composed by the fanatics of Kaïs Saïed.

First, before continuing and in fairness to the readers, there is an important admission to make: we are rich, very rich. As a newspaper, and unlike all Tunisian media, we are extremely rich. At least according to what is said.

In the time of the troika, we would have been paid by the “counter-revolution and the forces of the old regime”. During the time of the late Béji Caïd Essebsi, it was the Islamists and Ennahdha who would have paid us, then Youssef Chahed would have sprayed us with the famous British money, then Nabil Karoui would have given us a lot of money to promote himself and now they are the Islamists who would pay us to criticize the head of state, Kaïs Saïed.

Therefore, since we have amassed so much money in ten years, we have luxury cars, apartments in Paris and properties abroad!

This is obviously not the case for a very simple reason: if the tenth of all this had been true, one of the rulers of Tunisia would have used it to definitively bury this newspaper which is so annoying for any power in place. And it’s not for lack of looking!

Then, you must also be told of a certain disappointment linked to the arguments used to defend power. They are the same from one power to another. There is the famous “you have to give him/them a chance to be able to work and move the country forward”, there is the indefatigable “he takes power with a heavy legacy left by the others, what would it take they do” and then the always fashionable “stop criticizing! Was the situation before better? Want to go back? “.

We have been told the same thing since 2012 as we try to alert people, organizations and parties that are destroying the state and Tunisia. To see today people who have taken advantage of the system as much as possible today talking about the “dark decade” is always a source of astonishment. It goes further, there are people, the same ones, who defended the Islamists during the troika, who joined Nidaa Tounes afterwards, who branched off to Youssef Chahed’s party, took a short trip to Qalb Tounes with Nabil Karoui and who today defend Kaïs Saïed the President of the Republic! That doesn’t prevent them from giving lessons and still believing that they are listened to and that they have influence.

It is in this slump on several levels that we are forced to evolve, for those of us who do not have the possibility of taking a plane and rebuilding our lives elsewhere. We will, of course, continue to do our job and warn against the excesses of all powers and all regimes in Tunisia, that of Kaïs Saïed will be no exception. And then, over time, we have also learned to better manage the orchestras of laudators, opportunists and parasites.

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